Tenpin Bowling


We bowl on Thursdays at 7.00pm. Athletes should arrive at least 10 mins beforehand to ensure a 7.00pm start. Games take approximately half hour each to complete although late arrivals and the occasional technical problems with lanes can delay this.

 There’s no problem with a new athlete turning up anytime, we have room to add to teams and its just a question of fitting in with a team of similar ability or newer bowlers.

 We have teams who bowl one game and teams who bowl two each time, its up to the athlete to choose. .Cost is $5.00 for one game and $9.00 for two, this is a Bowl Line charge, there is no joining charge on the athletes from Special Olympics.

 For the more severely Disabled Athlete there are ramps from which the ball can be placed and pushed off.

Normally we wait till a new bowler has attended for a month or so, at which point if they wish to continue we will give them a Registration Form and Medical Certificate to be completed.

 The focus on the games is to improve individual averages and enjoy themselves, not trying to turn anyone into top scoring competitors.

 Bowling averages in teams range from the 50’s up to 160’s and for a person who hasn’t bowled before or struggles to get pins down we have the barrier arms down over the gutters so there will be a pin fall. 


Contact Details of coaches:

 Raewyn Stitchman- 027 278 0300

Chris Stitchman- 027 777 7900